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Psychological Testing

Administration of psychological tests designed to be objective and standardized measures of behavior. Psychological tests are written, visual, or verbal evaluations administered to assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of children and adults.

Student Testing

This is the mandatory administration of written standardized academic and psychological tests designed to assist school administrators in evaluating students for purposes of (1) school admission, (2) in-school counseling and referral, and (3) student performance evaluation.

Admission Tests

These are standardized tests designed to measure student’s skills and preparedness which helps school administrators evaluate students for school admission

Guidance and Counseling-Related Tests

These standardized tests designed to inform concerned individuals about aptitude, career interests, mental ability, personality, and psychological needs, among others.

Achievement Test Series

These are standardized tests designed to measure the student’s level of knowledge or mastery of specific content, and to determine whether or not a student has met mastery of specific academic areas, or if there is a deficit in skill.

Employment Testing

This is the mandatory administration of written standardized psychological tests as means of determining suitability of a job applicant for a position in the organization the individual is applying in.

Entry/Rank and File Testing

Entry Tests are administered to provide relevant information on a job applicant’s (1) general knowledge, (2) ability to perform assigned tasks in the workplace, and (3) personality suitability.

Placement/Job-Related Testing

Job-related tests are administered when applicants must already possess specialized or technical knowledge before being hired.

Promotion Testing (Managerial & Supervisory)

Tests for Promotion are specially crafted and administered to identify competencies that a candidate for a higher position is expected to possess.

Counselor Training on Test Usage

This is a support program designed to train and educate counselors and other stakeholders on the proper administration, use, and interpretation of various standardized psychological tests utilized in their respective units.